Tuesday, February 14, 2012

thankful tuesdays, V-Day edition

today i am thankful to have a warm house, treats and a thoughtful husby. there's nothing like a little something special to get your day started right.
i am also thankful for boxes. lots of boxes. we are packing  playing over here at the lee household.

i could make a list for you of all the things that have converged at once upon us, but that may make me even more overwhelmed. unfortunately this has resulted in too much time being productive rather than having fun and making special valentines for people :( ahhh next year i guess.
i was invited to a galentine's day brunch yesterday, if you dont know what that is you should need to watch Parks and Rec. it was sooooo much fun and will hopefully become a yearly tradition. at the last second i remembered i had valentines that i made last year in the basement. luckily i tend to save ridiculous stuff like that because most of the ladies had valentines for one another. whew close one! ha

ps what are you doing today?


  1. love that last photo of zula! so cute! happy valentine's day! hope the packing is going well! <3

  2. She needs the box book. I will find her one. They are the best toy in the world. Happy Valentine's day to my sweet neighbors the Lee's. I am glad I am only moving a block away.