Thursday, December 8, 2011

baby, its cold outside

i am officially finished with christmas decorating! for about a week i felt like i was drowning, just a little bit, in craft projects, house projects, baking and christmas decorating! i have a hard time functioning in chaos, though i am much better than i used to be. it is especially hard when you have a little 4 foot "helper" who is constantly on the move! since having kids i have kept my house decorations simple. first of all because it is easier to keep things in their place when there is not too much stuff to be taken out of its place. secondly if there are toys all over the floor but my mantel is simple and clean i feel like my house is clean.  usually i decorate every room for christmas. i didnt do that this year. i kept thinking about having to put it all away :) wah wah....
here is our living room and dining room. i'm pretty pleased with them.

my colors this year are silver, red and teal. what are your colors?

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