Saturday, November 19, 2011

november is for thankfulness

it is a snowing saturday here in yakima! it is the best to snuggle into your house when its snowing like crazy. everything seems so snug and comfy. most saturday mornings we have a big breakfast, usually pancakes, and lounge around in our jammies. today we had heart shaped waffles! this is the same waffle maker we had when i was little. it brought back yummy memories of mornings my mom would make waffles for all four of us. my favorite waffle toppings are strawberries and whipped cream. today we had: blueberries, whipped cream, nutella, peanut butter, syrup and butter. the lees love toppings!
today i am thankful for snowing saturdays and bountiful breakfasts

what is your favorite waffle topping?

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