Monday, November 14, 2011

november is for thankfulness

today i am thankful for my family. i am thankful for their love and all they add to my life.

when i was 18 i moved to seattle "for the summer." three years later i moved back to yakima with the husby in tow. we definitely felt like "we were supposed to" move to yakima but my family played a big role in that decision. i did not realize how much i would miss them all. everytime we went to visit i would cry the whole day after we got home. i felt like i was missing out on so much in my siblings' lives, especially libby who was starting kindergarten that year.

my mom and dad are great grandparents and wonderful examples to me as i navigate two kids under two. i cannot imagine having kids without my mom and dad nearby. they have sacrificed so much for all of us and i am very grateful to them for teaching me and raising me the way they did. they are also so generous with their house and time, all of us kids benefit from their generosity.

my siblings, all 4 of them, add joy to my life. they are kind and helpful and fun to be with. my favorite thing about living in yakima is that we are all able to be together and hang out on a regular basis.

unfortunately this is the most recent family picture i have, and i only have a paper copy of it! this was taken 6 years ago (!!!) at my cousins wedding. take a good look at daniel, he's really enjoying himself in this picture lol

in what ways are you thankful for your family?

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