Tuesday, November 8, 2011

november is for thankfulness

i believe that by practicing thankfulness we become a happier and more content person. i make lists of things i am grateful for, they usually consist of silly things like coffee or chocolate and serious things like my family and health. with a growing family i have been thinking about what kind of traditions i want to start, what kind of legacy to i want to leave for my kids. i would love for zula and effi to be able to be thankful in all situations/stages of life. it is easy to always be yearning for tomorrow or what comes next, but lets take a moment to enjoy right now and give thanks.

for the month of november i have decided to come up with one thing a day i am thankful for. i made a "thanks alot frame" so i can be thinking of all the things i am thankful for throughout the day. i am also going to do a picture a day of what i am thankful for, so be checking back here to see all the things i come up with:)

here's my frame

what are you thankful for?

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