Wednesday, January 26, 2011

birthday treaties!

my birthday was this month! yeah i love birthdays, especially mine. in the lee household we celebrate birth weeks because one day is not long enough to celebrate! here are some pictures of my day and what i got!

first off we didnt get up until 11:30!! which was amazing, even the baby slept in.

i woke up to an awesome breakfast. coffee, omelet, potatoes and mimosas!

went to dinner with family and friends, this is the husby being entertaining as usual.

my cake, with lots of candles.

so i got lots of treats..... too many to share, so i will highlight ones that have to do with my new year's resolution or that are vintage.

ok this is not vintage lipstick, but....... it is from revlon's line of vintage remakes. super fun!

vintage fur pillow! that looks great on my couch

oops, these arent vintage either but i'm really excited about them!!

glass storage to help me not use plastic! yeah!

and i'm officially 24!!

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