Thursday, October 28, 2010

Floors??? Say what??

here it is! our floors have been refinished. by refinished i mean sanded. and by sanded i mean, beautiful. we did it ourselves. blood, sweat and tears. oh yes, many tears. and i love them!!! they are beautiful and quirky (just like our house and just like us). this has only been a project waiting and needing to be done since we moved in.
and yes.... i will even show you my horrid embarrassing before pictures. there was still carpet glue on the floor when then they got painted (please dont do this it doesn't work out). so as you will see, they looked forever dirty. well they were forever dirty. i would mop and mop and scrub and scrub and that dirt just hung on for dear life to that glue. as i scrubbed it would move back and forth as if saying "haha, you can't get me." every time i'd mop i'd get so upset i would demand we move. we didn't move, yeah, and here are our new floors!
sad news: i was going to show you my before pictures, really i was. but unfortunately they were accidentally, i'm sure, deleted from my card. ahhhh. you'll just have to piece together what you can from my previous pictures, even though i did my best NOT to show the floors.

these also double as my halloween/thanksgiving decorations, thats triple, i guess.
my husby came home with 2, count 'em, 2 white pumpkins for me!!! i was so excited. i wish all my pumpkins were white because usually i hate orange. but lately i've been feeling rather affectionate towards it.
we will begin with the before-ish:
 see they are green and dirty, trust me.
 yes, my nook with crafting supplies, i use it all the time

 now for the fun part:

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  1. yay! great jobs guys- the floors look so good! cute mantel fun too!